What the press is saying about Jacksonville Dance Theatre...

Seeing artists who fuse technical knowledge to the surprising and transcendent, is a lesson about dedication and focus, about how to be in art.” — Madeleine Peck Wagner, Folio Weekly review, June 2015 http://folioweekly.com/LUMINOUS-NESS-AND-CLOUD-NESS-MUSING-ON-THE-JACKSONVILLE-DANCE-THEATRE,12813

The highly trained company members moved with a mix of grace and tension, one moment reminiscent of ballet, and the next stark and satisfyingly unsettling. Force and fluidity were crucial to telling their deeply moving stories. Their technique is not to be questioned but unlike more traditional forms of dance, each movement is not extended to showcase the full range of flexibility of the dancers. Instead, process and expression takes precedent, and the audience is left with a much rawer, and often times more communicative experience, that only modern dance of this caliber can provide.” - Katherine Hobbs, EU, 2016 http://eujacksonville.com/2016/06/29/the-spirit-of-modern-dance/

"...attempt to find those lighting words to describe the feeling of privilege in being able to see these performers at work, and, to know that these artists are here in Jacksonville. It is a hopeful feeling that is actually a call for a closer look at Jacksonville dance, here and now." -Madeleine Peck Wagner, Folio Weekly, 6.11.15 http://folioweekly.com/LUMINOUS-NESS-AND-CLOUD-NESS-MUSING-ON-THE-JACKSONVILLE-DANCE-THEATRE,12813

"At the beginning of the night, McCaughan stepped on stage to talk about the ability of contemporary dance to utilize “false starts and false endings.” She then went on to stress the idea that in dance “there is nothing to ‘get,’ it is a live art and about the experience". - Madeleine Peck Wagner, Folio Weekly, 6.11.15

"...heightened sophistication..." -Lauren Werneke, Art Intercepts, 9.20.15

"...fresh and enjoyable...'Entanglement,' by Florida's Tiffany Fish — made me want to run away. I think that was intended: The women's constant, suffocating sidling together and mirroring of each other suggests the most dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship ever." -Laura Molzan, Chicago Tribune, 9.20.15

"Kitchen Sink, performed by Jacksonville Dance Theatre and choreographed by Rebecca R. Levy, was dark and gentle, and full of heartache, ushered in by Patsy Cline. A couple, danced elegantly by Levy and James Morrow, got together and broke apart and got back together only to break up again. It was the break-up they were addicted to, the space between each other. They were activated by wanting each other and dysfunctional when they had each other. " -Lydia Hance, The Dance Dish, 10.28.14 http://thedancedish.org/dance-gallery-festival-offers-power-punch-a-welcome-dose-of-subtlety/

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